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I Carried My Terminally Ill Baby So She Could Save Others

By wochit 27 December 2016

Annie Ahern became the first infant organ donor in Oklahoma — and showed how there can be incredible beauty in the middle of tragedy. At 19-weeks pregnant Abbey and Robert Ahern were told that their baby had anencephaly. After taking some time to process the couple returned to inquire about donating Annie's organs, a request that genuinely puzzled their doctor. An infant organ donation had never been done before in Oklahoma. The lead doctor, Dr. Raja Nandyal, was able to make a plan that allowed Annie to be in her parents arms before being taken into surgery for donation. She lived a beautiful and incredible 14 hours and 58 minutes. They were able to donate her heart valves for recipients and many of her organs for research purposes. While there's no to know all the people who have been impacted by her story or the number of lives she was able to save it can be said that Annie set a precedent. A protocol has been put in place for other infants to donate their organs. Incredible grace amidst indescribable tragedy.