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How to reduce the impact of negative people on you

By Prasanna 17 March 2016

The world is for both; positive and negative but not limited to either of them. Like a coin that has both head and tail, the world is filled with people who think on positive side and also negative side. Though you may enforce the best possible acts to come out from the negative people's crooked thoughts, sometimes power of a negative person may be more intense.

Even during the times you engage with your own works, some people overshadow you through their magic of spreading bad in every nook and corner due to their irresistibility of something good happening to you or leave to their mind. Whatever the effect they would like to impact on you there are always ways to surpass the negativity and live to the best.

Let the boundaries stay on

If he is your colleague/acquaintance or a common friend, there are moments where you need to confront them and make up a conversation but keeping them at required distance and forming necessary hedges work greatly to kick back their impact on you. Engage with your work and try to manage to have less conversation with them.

Stay strong, stay bold

Because a person infront of you whipped some eccentric contexts earlier in your life, you doesn't need to get subdued by their presence. Never flinch, collect all the powers you posses and use it to shatter the impact of negativity.

It might be true that a person's activity, judgement on your actions or their envious words all can lead you to have a bad day but remind until you are strong enough, nothing will bend you.

Refresh your mind with positivity

Being in the surroundings of negative people or weighing them in the mind both have a steady impact on your work and life. Look for a place where you can rejuvenate your positivity. Attend daily meditation classes or team up with a network of energetic and positive minds. Know the power of positivity and use it in every area you can. if your mind is filled with more positive thoughts, the chances are more you get less affected.

Take positives, shove negatives

Do you know there is a high quality tool called 'ignorance' that works great in dealing with any type of negative person? Indeed it is a special yet tough quality to adopt because though the negative acts remains same your patience and perspective of thinking differs and takes you to a final point 'ignorance' where the bad is filtered from all the feasible ways to retain only good of a person. Irrespective of how bad they are, forgiving their negatives keep your mind positive and energetic.