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How to overcome stage fear?

By Prasanna 03 February 2016

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Students or lecturers who are getting ready to tap the stage to present a topic most often confronts the fear it brings. Standing in the front of many people, nervousness about the comments spilled by people, or judgements they pass, any of these could be a reason to swallow your confidence but conquer the fear and stay strong in the battle takes place between you and total audience by following the below tips.

Tips to overcome stage fear

Be clear

It's significant to have a clear vision and clarity on a chosen topic in order to take it to audience. Like Albert Einstein said "If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough," it's hard to handle a topic on which you are not clear. So, get things clear. Remember, how could you explain a topic to people if you aren't clear with it? If there is an intricacy in the topic, get answers with the expert lecturer aid or get help from a friend whom you think is good enough at dealing that topic.

More practice

We all know practice makes man perfect, but one should have to remember more practice makes man more perfect. Keep your efforts persistent. Once you are done with the selection of a topic, keep on practicing in multiple ways so you won't find difficulty when people try to twist you with a question. Practicing by standing before a mirror to often thinking about that topic, all together works magic in bringing good applause.

Connect with practical scenarios

Whatever you are about to speak on, research the topic and come up with some healthy live examples. People may forget the topic but it is human tendency to keep instances live in mind. At least 2 scenarios are good enough to let your audience get engaged on the topic you are speaking.

Like a story

An age-old trick that works perfect in drawing the attention of people irrespective of the age is telling a story. Constructing story is certainly a risk saver in moments nervousness takes you over as every story comes with an indelible flow and the chances are quite minimal to forget something when explaining a topic in the story form.

Take help from body language

The difference is big in between people who takes the advantage of their body language to the one merely discusses a topic. Have an eye on your postures, hand movements and eye contact as they all contribute for the creation of a confidence layer over you. Also add smile, always keep your chin up, stand straight and quit fidgeting to wake up the best of you.