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How Crucial is Workplace Accountability?

- By Dwaipayan, 01 August 2020


Understanding workplace accountability

As an employee, when you’re assigned a task, you need to complete it in a given timeline. Workplace accountability is when employees are responsible for the task. It’s a collective form of responsibility within the work environment that allows team members to count and rely on each other, knowing that each person fully accepts and can execute their assigned duties.
If you’ve ever been part of a team project that worked on silos? you’ve probably experienced a breakdown in workplace accountability.

The truth is: When team members aren’t held responsible for their tasks, things will surely fall apart.
As humans, we inherently value accountability within all of our relationships–so it’s no surprise when comes to work we exhibit the same dedication and accountability.
If you wish to boost workplace accountability, you’re in the right place. We are taking a deep dive into this topic today.

Workplace accountability helps answer questions like:
• Is the employee performing the duties required by their job?
• Can the employee be relied on to complete assignments and projects he/she is given?
• Are employees participating and helping fulfill the goals of the organization?
It is often that without accountability, workplaces turn into environments that cause unhappiness, bitterness, and frustration for employees. To foster a team culture that holds every person accountable should be looked into.

Some Statistics on workplace accountability
The numbers draw a clear picture of why workplace accountability is so vital.
Let’s check out these statistics on how it impacts teams at work:
1. According to Gallup data, 47% of workers received feedback from their manager “a few times or less” in the past year. 26% of employees strongly agree that the feedback they receive helps them do their work better.
2. 91% of employees feel that accountability is one of the most important things they’d like to see in their workplace. 82% of those same respondents felt that they have no power to hold anyone accountable in the workplace.
3. 25% of leaders surveyed feel that 10% to 20% of their workers avoid accountability.
4. 84% of employees say the way leaders behave as the single most important factor influencing accountability in their organizations, yet just 15% of leaders have successfully defined and broadly communicated their key results.

Here are some best practices for creating a culture of accountability
If you want to create a culture of accountability, you’ll need to follow a few best practices.

Do intelligent Stuff! Set SMART goals for team members
Goals that are smart in approach are ones that are realistic for team members–and they’re highly specific. When the goals are in place, each person has a clear picture of what they need to accomplish to make the project successful.

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Take a step to Define accountability expectations & document them
As a project lead, always define the scope of accountability accurately during the beginning of the project, share the “why” it becomes easier to hold the team accountable and get strong results when they feel good about what they’re doing.
Did you take the notes for your team members to know what’s expected of them outside their goals and objectives? Do they know how the project will progress, and how information should be shared, for example? By documenting your expectations and sharing them with the group, you provide a point of reference that can help realign things should they fall off track.

Assess progress on a regular basis with individuals and ask how you can help them reach their goals
Make sure that team members know how they’re performing on an individual basis and as part of the team at regular intervals–at least once per week. Also, be sure to ask questions about how you can help them and make it easier for them to accomplish their tasks.
Accountability breaks down when team members don’t fully know what’s expected of them. Adding clarity helps.

Support teammates opportunities for skill improvement
Employee development and accountability go hand in hand. Giving team members opportunities to learn, grow, and expand their skills means you’re setting them up to be more productive, engaged team members when it comes to projects. Make sure you have a program in place that encourages training, education, and hands-on work so your team members are always sharpening their skills.

Address accountability wins and failures
A job well done deserves to be recognized–and it can spark that competitive spirit in your teammates, too. By spotlighting accountability wins, you create a culture wherein everyone wants to be the person getting recognized. Plus–it just feels good. But failures need to be addressed as well with constructive criticism.

You can win battles with Master workplace accountability
You can device smart strategies, you can master accountability at work and establish a team culture wherein team members motivate each other day after day.
Accountability doesn’t happen overnight. If we’re willing to work on developing this quality in our team and use positive reinforcement, we can drastically improve upon work accountability.


 Photo by Marvin Meyer on Unsplash


Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

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