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Hillary Clinton Endorsed By Binspired.net

- By Editorial Staff, 03 November 2016 | 4 MIN READ


We endorse Hillary Clinton as the next President of the United States of America.

We endorse her because of her experience in the White House as First Lady, wherein she attempted to pass legislation on healthcare reform. We endorse her because of her experience as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama.  We endorse her because of her experience in the Senate, wherein she was able to, on occasion, work in a bipartisan spirit and reach across the aisle.

We also condemn GOP nominee Donald Trump for his vindictive and erratic behavior while on the campaign, as well as for his constant race-baiting and insults at the expense of Hispanics and Muslims. We condemn him for having decimated a political party and for having done significant damage, which will last long beyond this election, to this nation's two-party system.

The endorsement and the condemnation, however, do not give Clinton a blank check. The 2016 presidential campaign will go down in history as one of the ugliest in the nation's modern history, because both candidates did everything possible in order to win.

Donald Trump made a mockery of the GOP primaries and used it to bully his opposition until he won. Enough has been said of why Mr. Trump is not qualified, but it can all be easily summed up in a word that perfectly describes his candidacy: Deplorable.

Hillary Clinton made a mockery of democracy by letting her allies at CNN spoon-feed her debate questions ahead of the debate (she was not responsible for the questions being sent her way but a person of honor would have responded to the unsought help by letting the debate organizers know of irregularities with individuals like Donna Brazile). Hillary Clinton's campaign and her allies in the media did everything possible to oust Senator Bernie Sanders from contention, seemingly stopping at nothing to convert the Democratic party's primary into a coronation of Hillary Clinton.

With that sort of background, and with the eternally looming question of Hillary Clinton's private email server (Donald Trump and his allies are right in pointing out that a less well-connected and more junior staffer would have been thrown in jail for treason for doing what Clinton did with her emails), our support comes with an implicit understanding that Mrs. Clinton does not have a mandate to lead.

Instead, if she wins the election, she has orders from the electorate to improve the way in which she and her allies conduct politics. A second Clinton presidency can't be marred by the scandals and cover-ups of the first Clinton presidency. The nation deserves better than that.

We hope that Mrs. Clinton, who does have a strong track record on policy (though she, like many politicians, has traded in her values on some issues so often that it's hard to tell what her real views are), plays to the strengths of her resume if she wins the White House. We are confident that she will and that she'll be a President of the United States that we can all be proud of, even if, as a candidate, she leaves much to be desired.

Mrs. Clinton is highly qualified to be the next President of the United States.

Mr. Trump is not.

We believe that the choice for the voters is clear.



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