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Heart Failure Patients Can Relax With A Nice Cup Of Coffee

By wochit 19 October 2016

People with heart failure can relax and have a nice cup of coffee--and don't need to worry about it causing an irregular heartbeat. Caffeine-rich beverages have long been suspected of causing several heart-related symptoms, such as palpitations or rapid or irregular heartbeats. According to a small Brazilian study, contrary to popular belief, coffee doesn't seem to increase the risk of irregular heartbeats in people with heart failure. Lead researcher Dr. Luis Rohde is from the division of cardiology at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Porto Alegre. He told UPI, "Our data reassures that most patients with heart disease might drink moderate doses of caffeine-rich beverages with no major risks." However, although no effect of caffeine on heart rhythms was seen, the researchers pointed out that the study was small. About half of the study volunteers were regular coffee drinkers, so they might have been less prone to the effects of caffeine. The study also didn't look at long-term use of caffeine and its effect on abnormal heart rhythms among patients with heart failure. The report was published online Oct. 17th in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.