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Five ways to boost your happiness

By Prasanna 08 January 2016

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Happiness, which has the power to spill magic in any one's life is an amazing feeling we all love to embrace with and there is no denying how greatly it is responsible for wealth, success and healthy relations. However, at one case or other we are failing to get stick with happiness and so here are some cool ways to boost it.

Five ways to boost your happiness

1. Focus less on those that disturb your mind

An altercation with a foe, a friend's eccentric behaviour or a financial problem, don't let any of them show its prowess on your mind. Concentrate less on topics that often theft your happiness or allot zero time for such happiness killing thoughts. During the process, try to replace thoughts that disturb you with those that stimulate and help you feel better.

2. Do what you love

If you are contemplating to bring happiness to your life, doing what you love is a best choice you can choose. Play basket ball, start a conversation on a movie you die to see more than 100 times, take a trip or prepare a snack for your loved one. Let be anything good or crazy but make sure it shatters laziness and keep you active and energetic throughout the day.

3. Forgive others

Keeping grudge and seeking out for happiness is like filling a tank having leakage problems. Presence of grudge and its siblings dire anger, envy and hatred never lets you live happy whereas they act like barriers and fend off the joy from coming in. So bring the power to forgive others by building up a positive tendency and try to low down passing judgements on others. Also, agree to the fact that no one is perfect in this world and don't avoid people for their little mistakes.

4. Do not forget life is short

It's the human tendency to give more value to things that have short life. Remember life is short and it's impossible to get it back again, prefer giving time for family, friends and your well wishers. Do actions you tend to do with persistence and perseverance despite they are wrapped with difficult circumstances.

5. Self-confidence

Yes there is a link between self confidence and happiness. If you see, people with good self-confidence are generally laced up with happiness as they defend themselves from doubts, fears and other necessary fuss. Stay prepared, listen to your heart and take away negativity coming from people's voice, work hard and slap failure tightly irrespective of how many times you fell down.