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Fine Qualities of Great Leader

- By Shalini K , 10 June 2020 | 5 MIN READ


A Great Leader

Great leaders don’t tell you what to do. They show you how its done. Great leaders don’t dictate or order, they inspire people. If you want be a inspiring leader who attracts, motivates, challenges people, the crucial quality one should posses is to be a person of great innate character, to be a living example.

Good leadership is the quality to help others positively with the skills, opportunities, as business leader or owner, as manager, as an employee or as an individual. 

Leadership is certain way of life.

One has to make leadership as lifelong learning. All great leaders keep honing their skills and abilities throughout until they become impactful.

Below are few traits Leaders can cultivate to become effective.

1.Be strong
Binspired be strong

It is important to be assertive and strong to create an impact. Being strong does not necessarily mean to be rude or impolite. Strong leaders hold their ground without being obnoxious.

Being strong in a positive way is very important for great leadership. You might have heard the adage when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Strong leaders are resilient in times of adversity and they lead their team, followers through problems with ease.

2.Be empathetic
Binspired be empethatic

Unless you are a compassionate leader, you cannot establish a deep rooted connection with your followers. Being empathetic will bring you closer to your followers creating an unbreakable emotional bond.

Being kind or compassionate does not necessarily mean you are a weak leader. When you can understand the pain and problems of your followers and show a solution or inspire them to solve the problems, you as a leader will gain their loyalty.

3.Be bold
Beinspired be bold

Great leaders are adventurous and fearless. Successful leaders take risks and embrace failures. To gain the confidence of your tribe and increase your influence it’s imperative to be the first one, first one to stand in front of a group, first one to tame the beast, first one to take the arrow and stand tall, first one solve a problem, first one you face the adversity and come out with solutions.

Bold leaders are never afraid of failures. They embrace failure and are always willing to take risks. Being bold does not necessarily means being bullish. Successful leaders can make a difference between being bold and being bullish. Bold leaders represent spirit of adventure.

4.Be humble
Binspired be humble

It’s not coincidental that all great leaders are humble. Humility is the remarkable quality that makes a leader from being good to great. Humble leaders are grounded yet dream of stars.

Humble leaders are realistic, they know their limitations yet they aspire to achieve more. Humility helps leaders to develop a sense wonder, the immense possibilities of life. That’s why they are able to dream, dream big, chase those dreams and inspire others to follow.

Great leaders work hard yet stay humble.

5.Be proud

Binspired be proud

Appreciating your achievements is like energy booster. Great leaders are proud of their ambitions without being boorish. Unless you are proud of yourself, you cannot raise the bar high and set high ambitions.

Being proud is one of the best ways to build confidence among your followers. Leaders must be aware of being arrogant. Your sense of accomplishments should not lead to arrogance. Arrogance is door to failure. Ignorance is the root of arrogance.

Binspired humour

Humour is one of the greatest gifts to mankind. Any hardships can be dismissed with little pinch of humour. Great Leaders embrace humour to create a friendly environment and as a tool to get along with people with ease.

The essence of Great leadership is influence. True leaders always strive to empower others. Every leader has his or own unique qualities and skills. If a leader can imbibe certain fundamental qualities it can transform them to great leaders.



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