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Email Marketing – The most successful CTA!

- By Dwaipayan, 13 August 2020 | 4 MIN READ


They say, when you have emailed an honest campaign, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar. Email marketing aims at retaining existing customers and gaining new ones at the same time. It’s a brilliant technique for building brand awareness, keeping your company top-of-mind, and promising repeat purchases.

A core part of email marketing is developing and refining your campaigns, as well as growing your customer base. Much like content marketing, email marketing also focuses on offering users with useful information — otherwise, no one will stay subscribed.

The idea is that, while these users may not need your services or products right away, they’ll keep in mind your brand when it’s time to make a purchase. That brand awareness encourages them to pick your company when they’re ready to buy.

For example, an HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning is the technology of indoor and vehicular environmental comfort) marketing strategy may use email to develop a relationship with homeowners and businesses by giving out tips for maintaining a heating and cooling system, reducing energy bills, and more. While a medical equipment marketing strategy could use email to underline design advancements, industry conferences, and wholesale discounts on products.

When subscribers need service, whether maintenance or installation, they have a better chance of choosing that HVAC business because the company's established themselves as knowledgeable and reliable.

There are many benefits, one of the benefits is that you can also segment your audience and individualize your email campaigns. For example, you may create a promotion for users that purchased a certain product or visited a webpage.

What is email marketing’s goal?

The objective of email marketing as a digital marketing plan is to stay at the top of mind for potential customers, and support current clients with valuable information, like relevant industry news, and personalized content, like product coupons, that bind them coming back.

Why use email marketing strategy?

Email marketing offers tons of benefits. That’s why more than 80 percent of companies use email marketing to retain customers, all from manufacturing operations to retail stores to technology businesses.

Some of the incredible benefits of email marketing as a digital strategy include:

With an average ROI of 4400%, email marketing offers an extraordinary return. Its impressive return highlights the promise of this Internet marketing strategy for increasing your revenue, brand awareness, and client retention rates.

It also confirms that users like emails. More than 60 percent, for example, like weekly promotional emails.

Email Marketing assures 50 percent more sales than other lead generation methods. Businesses that want to generate more leads, and more revenue, email marketing is a go-to online marketing strategy. Additionally, such as audience segmentation, email design, and personalization can also amplify the results of email marketing – smart segmentation can boost your revenues by a whopping 760 percent.

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