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Echidnas: One Of The Last Egg-Laying Mammals

By wochit 22 November 2016

Echidnas are super weird animals. Their toes point forward in the front, but backward on their hind legs. The animals don’t have any nipples, but they do have a beak. The echidna species are the only mammals left, save for the platypus, that lay eggs. The echidna only lays one egg a year. Like a kangaroo, echidna mothers place their young in a pouch where they can lick off milk that oozes out of the mother’s skin. When the baby echidna, also known as a puggle, grows spines, the mother takes the baby out of her pouch and puts the puggle into a burrow. The best part of the echidna is that it digs up dirt in the ground, turning the soil.