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Breaking things up into chunks! Goal setting

- By Dwaipayan, 25 August 2020 | 6 MIN READ


At the beginning of the year: You are excited. You are motivated. You are optimistic about the year ahead. You decide you want to be super-ambitious. You set some big-time goals for yourself. You tell yourself. “It’s going to be a great year,”

How do you see your yearly goals?

Have you broken them down? Have you created actionable plans and projects to help you accomplish your goals? Have you ever looked at your annual goals since you wrote them down at the outset of the year? Have you taken those yearly goals and broken them down- into monthly goals? Weekly goals? Daily goals?
If your answer is “No” to any of the above questions, we suggest you watch the full video—and the key takeaways you can implement

1. Act

The ultimate barrier people face to make goals happen is a lack of action. Why do numerous folks set big goals and fail to follow up with action? The problem is not you. The problem is within the way the goal was set in the first place.
The reason people don’t achieve their goals—the reason people fail to take consistent action towards making their goals a reality—is because:
a. They set goals once a year and don’t revisit them often enough.
b. They don’t break big goals down into smaller goals to be achieved within a narrow timeline.
c. Goals happen only when you take action. To take more actions

2. Break up Your Timeline

Make your biggest goals happen by breaking up into several smaller goals, insert them into a tight timeline, which will eventually lead you to achieve the big ones. We understand it’s tough to wrap your head around achieving a big yearly goal within a day, but that’s what your mind thinks it needs to do when it sees a big goal by itself. Considering a year-sized goal with one full pounce would be nearly impossible. Your brain can’t achieve what your brain can’t see. It’s like walking into a pitch-black room. But then you flip the light-switch and boom—now you can see. That’s what happens to your brain when it sees a clear plan of action with a timeline.

3. The Goal Setting

Set a future goal then methodically drill right down to what you ought to be doing immediately . Let’s say, that you have the ultimate goal of reading 50 books a year. Here’s how you would drill down the actions and narrow your timeline to make this something you’re likely to achieve.
In order to achieve my goal of reading 50 books per year for the rest of my life, I must read 250 books within the next five years.


Monthly Goal:

To read 50 books a year I must read four or five books a month. This month I will read the following four personal development books:
1. The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg
2. Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
3. the way to Win Friends & Influence People by Carnegie
4. Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

Weekly Goal

Based on my Monthly Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do that week? To achieve my monthly goal, i need to read one book hebdomadally . This week I will read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Daily Goal

Based on my Weekly Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do today? Since the average book is about 250 pages in length, to achieve my weekly goal of reading a book a week, I must read approximately 36 pages per day.
To achieve my daily page-count, I will block off one hour of dedicated reading time at 8:00 AM each morning on my calendar.

Right Now

Based on my Daily Goal, what’s the ONE thing I can do right now? Give me a pat on the back, because I completed my morning reading, and I’m on track to achieve my goal of reading 50 books per year for the rest of my life!

The Bottom Line

The key to making your greatest goals happen in any area of your life is to break them down and narrow your timeline—small wins will eventually build-up to the achievement of the bigger goal.


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