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Between the Pages Discover Yourself – 10 Most Uncommon Reads

- By Dwaipayan, 29 August 2020 | 7 MIN READ


Books are the quietest and most constants of friends. A book always leaves you with many experiences. We bring here a list of 10 best (collection) books we would like you to read, based on our many hours of reading and research. We’re sure each of the chosen books will inspire you. Happy Reading!


1.      Desert Solitaire – by Edward Abbey

No author summarized and celebrated the American Southwest more compellingly than iconoclast and raconteur Edward Abbey. Desert Solitaire: a classic of environmental writing. In this narrative work, Abbey chronicles his time as a park ranger and reflects on landscape, culture, politics, tourism, environmental disregard, and degradation — doing so with an exceptional blend of unruly charm and breath-taking description.

2.      Disgrace – by J. M. Coetzee

Set in modern South Africa, the book explores what it's like to personally confront deep-seated prejudices. Prejudices of gender, sexuality, class, and race. The novel is about how we deal with how we survive as humans, it forces you to reflect upon what seems at first a very twisted reality ends with redemption.

3.      Geek Love – by Katherine Dunn

An engaging, creepy, and unusual story of a family of purposely designed circus freaks, as told by the hunchback albino dwarf sister. On a different level, it is a story about identity and belonging: How do you define yourself in terms of your family? Your culture? Your body? Your religion? How do you know what or who you are?

4.      Gilead – by Marilynne Robinson

Gilead is one of the most brilliantly written books of the new century so far, and Robinson's incredibly insightful grappling with faith, mortality, and what constitutes a meaningful life will resonate with readers across every spectrum. Robinson’s Gilead is a note from the elderly Reverend John Ames to his very young son.

5.      A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Other Stories – by Flannery O'Connor

Flannery O’Connor’s first short story collection will knock you off your feet. Cruel, penetrating, and loaded with nuance. O'Connor creates characters that are unwise, stunted curiosities, but she manages to portray what is human in even the most despicable of people. The stories are infused with suspense, dark humour, and some of the most evocative imagery.

6.      The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy – by Douglas Adams          

Adams's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has become a timeless masterpiece. A hapless hero with astonishing luck? Awful aliens hell-bent on destroying Earth? Pithy advice (e.g., "DON'T PANIC")? Check, check, and check — and so much more. Even non–sci-fi weeds will be fascinated by this hilarious and endlessly entertaining read.

7.      The Left Hand of Darkness – by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Left Hand of Darkness is a masterwork of ideas, invention, and language, but it takes conventional beliefs about gender and grinds them into a fine, powdery dust. The book secured both the Hugo and Nebula Awards and went on to become one of the bedrocks of science fiction.

8.      Man's Search for Meaning – by Viktor E. Frankl

Man's Search for Meaning is like nothing you have ever read before. The first half of the book depicts Dr. Frankl's Holocaust experiences, Frankl struggles to survive after he is freed. In the second portion of the book, Frankl illustrates how that period of his life informs and develops his theory of "logotherapy" The crux is about finding meaning, what is meaningful to everyone. This book is beautifully life-changing, a must-read.

9.      2666 – by Roberto Bolano

Roberto Bolaño's masterpiece, one of the best and most important novels of the 21st century. A read filled with horror, neglect, depravity, brilliance, and beauty. 2666 melds many different genres and styles to create a singular and impressive work of contemporary fiction.

10.  To Kill a Mockingbird – by Harper Lee

To Kill a Mockingbird is a celebrated book and most of us have read it. The protagonist is a young girl named Scout and apart from her father, all the foremost characters in the book are side-lined by the power structure of their town —where wealthy white men control most of their lives. Scout’s father Atticus cannot win against the crushing wave of that power. Until something about that structure truly changes, this book will remain a needed reading for every person living in America.


The books we read helps us create the language in which we speak. Our daily conversations become more refined as we can pick up the right word to express ourselves. The more we read, the more wisdom we attain. Books help us to unleash our creative minds, we draw up visuals and imagine scenes from lines of words. It doesn’t matter what you read, novels, or short stories. Your grammar and vocabulary get better and you don’t even notice it.


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