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Artistic elements of an art installation - Shovin

- By Editor, 05 April 2021 | 4 MIN READ


Gallery goers can now get lost and become mesmerized by the artistic elements of an art installation. Whether you are a lover of contemporary art, painting, space design, public art, and digital print does not matter, there is no doubting the visual impact of art installations will just blow your mind. A relatively new genre of contemporary art that came to prominence around the 1970s and has been creating ripples in the world of contemporary art.
In this episode of Binspired we have with us Shovin an accomplished contemporary artist with astute hands in installation art, Painting, sculpture, and new media art.


Title: "Mystery of Life" Stainless steel, wood, Aluminium, Thread and mirror, 14ft height *6 ft *8 ft 2019

He has been working in the field of art and design for the last two decades with a group of well-experienced technical experts. He has a fair amount of understanding of design application and an intuitive grasp of spatial development. Through his, work Shovin has created a diverse creative narrative. Most of his works are contained with strong thematic appropriation connecting the impact of modern technology and its application in our life. 

Shovin Bhattacharjee is an accomplished contemporary artist and one of the pioneers in Digital art movement in India. He won National awards and Gold award for his digital art and installation art. Shovin has been creating digital art since 2002.


Title: The First Ray of Dawn, Size 40 inch * 80-inch Medium: Archival Print on Archival Paper: 2020

This experience served him well to form the basis for his installations since the proposals for the installation art projects required him to conceptualize them as a digital proposal first before its physical transformation. He has been among the first Indian artists to list his art as an NFT.
In his words, “NFT portals create a unique number/code for digital work. I have always faced the challenge with limited number of buyers and collectors for digital art as the notion persists that digital art is not authentic art”.
NFTs exist as a unique entity. My digital works are now better received and valued. As for my NFT listing experience, I must mention that though for me it was not difficult or confusing at all, it wouldn’t be so for most as it involves an understanding of digital transactions and cryptocurrencies. It is not that easy but not impossible. It is a new opportunity for Indian artists. Listing is not very cheap. Most of us will calculate the transaction in rupees and find it quite an amount. The process of listing is unique for each artwork and each transaction of the NFT counts separately for each work. Each time the cost of minting and listing the NFT is around $200.”
Shovin’s Studio aspires to create new innovative artworks for the global art connoisseur, buyers, and collectors through art installations, mural, sculpture, painting, space design, and digital print. Along with his team of creatives, he develops the concept of new forms and techniques combined with aesthetic appreciation. The objective of the studio is to visualize innovative ideas and executing them into the right material application, matched with the right space.
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