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An Exclusive Interview with Prof. Bhaskar Chakraborti – Founder NICD & Campus Head of EIILM Kolkata, Jalpaiguri campus

- By Dwaipayan, 27 November 2020 | 9 MIN READ


Would it not be reasonable to the learners if they were all able to play to their own strengths, learn at their own pace, be taught in the way that appeals to their learning. Every coach and learners know that there is much less angst and far more engagement in a ‘doubt-clearing’ session than a rigid and formal classroom session where one-way delivery is the norm. 

In this episode of Binspired we have with us Prof. Bhaskar ChakrabortiThe Founder of the National Institute of Communication Development (NICD) & the Campus Head of EIILM Kolkata Jalpaiguri campus – a collaboration of EIILM Kolkata and NICD. A visionary who has been shaking up the education system by stirring up innovations among the curious minds by promoting joyful and experiential learning. Bhaskar has been instrumental in designing the curriculum that is based on both, the latest research findings and changing needs for a career perspective of the youth.

Born in the culturally awaken town of West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri, Bhaskar consistently ranked bright in all academics, he was able to break the mold and set an example for himself, for the people, and the students’ community at large. He is revered as “Bhaskar da” for changing and shaping the lives of many. In the journey so far, he endured the broken system first hand and with strings of unsuccessful attempts before making it big!

Today Prof. Bhaskar Chakraborty is a successful educationalist and established a sprawling campus in the heart of Jalpaiguri town. He is also an academic and motivational speaker associated with various top management institutes and technical colleges in the country as a visiting lecturer and speaker. A pioneer in promoting management education in North Bengal, he regularly organizes Management Education Fair and has been doing since 2014. To his credit, every year more than 5000 students from the region get trained and are established in their careers. Prof Chakraborti is also a member of North Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industries affiliated to the Confederation of Indian Industry CII & Bengal National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (B.N.C.C.I)

Pursued MBA from the country’s premier business school, The Academy of Business Administration, Balasore, Bhaskar has worked as a marketing manager with some top advertising groups in his early career before moving into the education industry. NICD was the first of its kind – an inventive coaching class and not just a personality grooming institute. A hot favorite for the students who travel great distances to attend the mentor till this date. Students from Jalpaiguri Engineering College, Siliguri Institute of Technology, Ananda Chandra College all in a beeline rush to attend Bhaskar’s session to learn crack campus interviews and get placed in top MNCs

Tell us something about the journey so far? How does it feel to be a successful educationalist? 

When I founded NICD, terms such as startups, angel funding, viral marketing was lesser-known. We just tried to do well, teach quality communication skills coupled with soft skills – the popularity grew by itself. There were hard days of course. We did put some good strategies at work! Personally, I find the profession of an educationalist more rewarding - the process keeps your mind young and you motivated! 

I’ve also come across many who think that entrepreneurs work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Working nonstop means that you won’t have time for your family, friends, and leisure activities. While it’s true that entrepreneurship can take grueling hours and commitment, it’s not true that you can’t have a personal life. I come from a joint family and had some good vacations over years, even at times when I was financially not so sound. One of the keys to being a successful entrepreneur is mastering your time management skills. If you can establish a proper working routine, you won’t have trouble finding free time.

Did you take a lot of risks before you’re in the position now? What kept you running the show, is it Money or Passion?

Well, I’ve taken some calculated risks, though I’m passionate about taking risks. There are always risks associated when starting your own business, it’s all about balancing the risks and rewards. Frankly speaking, you won’t have much luck getting high returns if you’re not willing to take some risks. I’ve learned many things the hard ways, and at times you’ll take a risk that doesn’t pay off. So, yes – there are risks involved. 

Achieving a lifelong dream has always been the goal, financial stability is second on the list. In the initial days of 2003, I was freelancing for many educational establishments SIT, SIMT, JGEC, AC college, Jalpaiguri Commerce College, etc and at the same time, I started to expand the operations of NICD across North Bengal. We opened several new branches in the different districts of the state. Money is definitely a motivator, but it’s not as important I assume.

Since how long you have been associated with EIILM Jalpaiguri campus? Our readers are keen to know about the venture

I joined as a Campus Head of EIILM Kolkata Jalpaiguri campus in 2018 which is a collaboration of EIILM Kolkata and NICD. EIILM is National level Ranked 74th (A++) B-School with 4 campuses (Kolkata & Jalpaiguri ) that provides a strategically devised Full-time UG course in BBA (H), BBA( IT & ITES), and BBA (H&H) and mentors students to be global leaders. We are who brought in the corporate ambiance of a Western B-school in West Bengal. We are a leading Business School in India with ranking and accolades from ZEE, ABP News, Dun & Bradstreet. Top Institute of India Award” - Competition Success Review - 2019. Ranked 1st “Top B-School of Super Excellence” - CSR-GHRDC B-School Survey.  

The college is affiliated to Raiganj University, Govt. West Bengal. The Jalpaiguri campus like all other campuses run a state-of-the-art infrastructure with technology-driven classroom lectures, case studies, industry designed global curriculum, Internship, Live projects, industry interface through CEO lectures, add-on professional certification programmes and regular industry visits make the students ready to take on challenges in the marketplace.

I convey my deepest respect and heartfelt thanks to the Honorable Chairman & Director, EIILM Kolkata, Prof. Dr. R. P. Banerjee sir for giving me the opportunity and trusting me, without his continuous support I wouldn't have become what I am today.



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