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A Rendezvous with Dinesh Kumar - an Author, Entrepreneur and a Mentor

- By Dwaipayan, 16 October 2020 | 9 MIN READ


The hospitality industry has moved way beyond the old standards of providing a decent room, a clean bed, a square meal. It is no longer what today’s traveller is looking for and what hotels and restaurants are aspiring to provide. What makes the service industry so amazing is that it has a lot to offer to both its clientele and the service providers.

Dinesh Kumar, ace hospitality trainer, entrepreneur, and author of “Insane Hotelier” unfolds the ‘X’ Factor for making a lasting impression on the minds of the travellers, to create an atmosphere of luxury, of great opulence, and the WOW factor into services being offered by the hotels today.

The author in this book unveils the unrivalled excellence that luxury-minded globetrotters expect in terms of service standards and vogue – In fact, the Whole Shebang matters, from smartly dressed, well-groomed professionals to the state-of-the-art technology and software support the system – a unique experience for people to take back home. 

We bring you an exclusive interview with the author Dinesh Kumar to know more about this fascinating industry.

Tell us something about you?

I’m absolutely a passionate hotelier from Hyderabad, started my career with working in the hotel industry, and then as a hospitality faculty for 15 years at IHM in Hyderabad. All the experiences propelled me to begin my entrepreneurial journey, I founded “Hospitality Navigator” a consultancy firm that offers consultancy services to premier restaurants from initial setup to operations, the other wing we have provides high-end training services to the hotel industry. They say when you’re determined to reach your goal the universe conspires to make it happen.

You’ve a remarkably interesting name given to your book “insane hotelier” what’s behind the scene?

You see the people who are working in this industry have “a challenging job on the table” the job is dynamic in nature, one has to be on their toes every moment, every day, the industry is buzzing 24*7. Every customer is unique given to their culture, food habits, and demands. The people in the industry must have a deep understanding to satisfyingly accommodate the customers and sometimes go-outside-the-box to fulfil the customers’ objective – I put it as insane because passionately committed is a close synonym to insane. And it is very much needed to sustain in the industry.

What is the “WOW” experience in your book?

The hospitality industry has become a place for innovation in all its sectors. One look at the accommodation available for a traveller, and it becomes clear that no efforts are spared when it comes to giving the WOW EXPERIENCE (exceptional experiences). Locations where hotels are situated where one could only dream about, it could be a city, a remote spot in the wilderness, a tent in a desert, or a palace of yore converted to make one feel like a Maharajah. The experience starts right from the time one steps into the hotel premises, where consistent service standards provide unrivalled excellence that luxury-minded globetrotters expect these days. 

What comes to your mind, when you come across the word “hospitality industry” how do you perceive it? What does it behold? 

The Hospitality Industry is a very unique industry, with many facets to it. Services provided by the Hospitality sector to a guest are in plenty. The term “Hospitality” means cheerful welcoming of people, who may be known or maybe strangers. It is the relationship between a guest and a host. The fact that the hospitality industry can be divided into 3 major sectors, viz. Accommodation, Food & Beverage, and Travel and Tourism is rote. What is it that guests want - the ‘X’ - Factor? Hotel companies and their executives are thinking out-of-the-box to provide the ways and means that give what can be very simply described as an EXPERIENCE, an unforgettable one at that.

You’ve been working very closely with global customers for around two decades now. What according to you do the guests expect from the moment they step into a hotel?

It is certainly the ultra-luxury that is in vogue. Everything is bespoke for the guest; each guest has a different, a very unique set of experience to take back home. An environment of luxury surrounds a guest everywhere. Smartly dressed, well-groomed professionals welcome a guest and check the guests into the hotel. State of the art technology and software supports the system.

If the guest is faithful to the brand, all the data pops up instantly, and the staff personalize the service. If one is fond of; chocolates a pretty box may be waiting in the assigned room; flowers - a bouquet or a vase of beautifully arranged flowers; aromas - citrusy aromas waft through the room; everything has been thought out and executed well. A bed with a mattress that is as soft as silk, shiny bright white linen, stories of where the cotton was procured and woven into the white bed sheet will be told by the Housekeeper. The best thread count, cotton from Egypt, you name it, and its there. Unable to sleep, choose a pillow that can lull you to sleep as it has the best down feathers stuffed in it. Ask for a sleep menu and Viola! It’s there. The guest’s sleep is the business of the hotel. Is that not what a guest wants, moving from a comfortable bed to a luxurious bed?

Tell us something about the book “Insane Hotelier” What message does it convey to the readers?

The book is written with a drive to change a person’s view of the hotel industry in context to a better version of the industry. The reader is on a transformational journey when reading this book. As the readers go through the book, they will be better equipped to handle the challenges thrown by the hospitality industry effortlessly. I’m here emphasizing “effortlessly” because the book shares information that can transform an ordinary boy or a girl into a commando or a warrior. I will strongly suggest reading “Insane Hotelier” if anybody is seriously looking ahead to a career in the hotel industry and sparkle.

Do you wish to share some suggestions for aspiring authors? How to make a best seller?

Would like to say that the moment you have clarity on the topic, select a mentor, and surrender to the mentor, you do not need to reinvent the wheel. The mentors have a meticulous, chalked out plan you just need to follow that. Your journey becomes easy. I did the same and it just worked wonders for me. What is required from your end is a very high level of commitment and consistency. You must give yourself good time to yourself and finish the job because it’s a masterpiece in making.

The book “Insane Hotelier” is great to handle, the font size and the presentation of the pages is handsome and the whole effect is very good. Congratulations to you and your mentor for all your work on this. Thank you for joining us for this exclusive interview.





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