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A Pencil Colour of Himalayan Railway!!

- By Suman Chakraborty, 12 September 2020 | 1 MIN READ


OH… to TRAVEL again! Won’t that be nice? In the meantime, I’m sure we’re all getting itchy feet to get away, Suman Chakraborty has taken us alongside the Himalayan Railway!! Done in pencil colour on 12”x9” Strathmore mixed media.

About Suman Chakraborty

Suman has been artistically inclined from his childhood where he grew up in Shillong, Meghalaya. Commonly known as “The Scotland of the East” which was a term coined by the British, Meghalaya boasts some of the most authentic and rich greenery with tall rolling hills. The beauty of Shillong remained as Suman grew up there, which exposed him to an otherwise, unique landscape of India that has imprinted itself on the way Suman incorporates emotions into his artwork. Suman currently lives in Calgary, Canada.




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