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6 Best attributes to a Good Personality

- By Dwaipayan, 19 August 2020 | 5 MIN READ


Constructive and positive character qualities define a good character and the fundamental personality of a leader. A good character arrives in many forms in daily life. We have covered the following objectives understood to be the basics of a good character. Ignore one of these associations, and you will find a weak link in your character.


1. What does it mean to have Integrity?

Integrity is adherence to moral and ethical principles, a good catchword that is similar to the character but provides us with a different way of looking at the ideas of character. Living with integrity will build trust in your followers. Great leaders are said to have integrity, the quality of being honest with a consistent and uncompromising attitude.


2. Why Honesty is important?

Great leaders follow and preach honesty. Think about it. Why do people hedge the truth? Usually for a few basic reasons: They are either afraid of the consequences or they are trying to hide something. Without being honest you destroy the trust of those who follow you. Your reputation of a leader is based on honesty in your dealings, and that is what you become known for. When we’re honest and live transparent lives before our followers, they can see us for who we are and make solid decisions to follow.


3. What is your definition of loyalty?

Loyalty matters a lot! A person of good character remains with their friends even in the worst of times. Anyone can be friends with others at good times. A loyal character stays with their friends when they need them most. How this translates into making you a good leader? Well, when we are loyal to our followers, they’ll be loyal to us and make every attempt to accomplish on our behalf and the organization.


4. What does it mean to be Self-Sacrificing

A human with good character shows that they can give up personal gain for the good of the whole. Lee Iacocca became a legend when he said he would bring Chrysler back from the brink of bankruptcy and would take only a dollar a year in pay. This was ideal for an example of a leader sacrificing for the followers. It also demonstrated his understanding of and empathizing with the average line worker. The result – Workers of Chrysler rewarded him with an unbelievable following as they built Chrysler into one of the world’s leading car companies.

Followers don’t mind putting in the hard work. They don’t even mind a leader making more money or reaping benefits from their work. What followers disapprove is when the leader is using them for personal gain. People of good character don’t use other people.


5. Why Accountability?

Accountability is a responsibility. It is being responsible for your failures along with your successes, and it is the willingness to consciously decide on what you are going to do and finish it. Followers give up on leaders who will have nothing to do with accountability. Followers don’t mind their leaders who make mistakes, but they do mind leaders who don’t take responsibility for their mistakes by being accountable.


6. Self-Control

Research says that possessing self-control can be important for health and well-being. Goals like exercising regularly, losing weight, eating healthy, not procrastinating, giving up bad habits, and saving money are a few worthy ambitions that people believe require self-control. When leaders don’t exhibit self- control, they sabotage their ability to lead. Self-control is the ability to choose to do the things we should and to refrain from doing the things we shouldn’t. As a leader when we demonstrate self-control, we gain trust in our followers. 



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