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5 Ways To Gain More Respect

By Prasanna 18 March 2016

Who don't want respect? Everyone belongs to this world love to receive it from others as its power is tremendous that it creates a lot of difference among people. No one can't pull it, but it has to be earned. So, here are some ways one can earn respect.

Be helpful

You don't need to follow all the steps of Mother Teresa to earn a lot of respect in the world but consuming the epitome of her life - 'helping to people' brings many positive changes to your life. You may can't contribute hours and hours at charity but helping a old women to cross the road, trying your best to solve your friend's problem or lending your ear to listen someone's worry and coming up with a viable next-step lets you earn a lot of respect.

Stay energetic and active

Even when if the life is pouring some rough times, it is highly advised to keep up the spirit and get going as once a person starts to enter into the mode of being tedious, most likely continue the phase for long time than he expected to be in. For which, the world reckon him as loser and there is nothing new in giving less respect for people who don't give a tight slap on the face of problems. So, never drop the energy. Alteast pretend you are happy and working towards success.

Be polite

Wherever you are and whomever you are surrounded by, if you are polite, people's mind register you as a good person with humanity. And the world never complaints about people with great humanity and who are good at treating other person as if I were they.

Build respectful attitude

People who maintain a good attitude or even works towards dumping out their negatives to implant positives always tops the list of those who bags respect wherever they go. Also they check their way while talking to people- they don't complain on someone's behaviour, pass down judgments without knowing the total truth or context and they don't interrupt a group who're on a discussion.

Be a problem solver

Many of us love to have that one person who is ready to offer their hand when we are in a problem. Aren't we? A technical issue, a doubt while learning, a question that has been taunting without an answer or anything it may be, they indeed have high impact on people rather than we think and if we can solve out their problem it really soothes them and help in staying active.