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12 Super Time Management Tips to Sky rocket Your Productivity

- By Shalini K, 26 June 2020 | 8 MIN READ


How do you manage your time? How much of your time is spent in producing productive results? Are you a super achiever? Or do you see yourself wasting your time? Are you punctual? Do you wake up early?

 If you are not sure about all the above questions that means you are not managing your time properly or you are not sure about how to manage your time effectively.  

Here are 12 time management tips to streamline your work and manage your time better:


It’s important to have clarity about your life or business. What do you want to achieve in your life or your business. When you have such clarity all your actions will get aligned to your goals helping you to understand the importance of time. Figure out the most important things in your life or business. 

2. Written Goals

Have clear written goals. When your goals are crystal clear, it helps you to focus on your tasks. Clear written goals are your blue print for your success. It’s highly impossible to achieve anything without clear goals. All successful people and businesses have well written goals to keep them on right track to success.

3.Plan a head

You might have heard of the adage "Failing to plan is planning to fail. Planning is the key if you aspire to achieve anything in life or business. Plan will help to set certain targets and measure your progress. Have a plan for a month or week and break them into daily tasks. Every day before you sleep go through your tasks for next day. Work to stick to your schedule as best as you can.   


First things first. Identify your top priority tasks and accomplish them in the first part of the day when your energy levels are high. When you finish your top priority tasks you are closer to your goals. When you prioritize your tasks you will be applying 80/20 principle which is most important principle in prioritization.

5.Time Management Apps

There some best apps which can help you organize your tasks and time. If you procrastinate and feel overwhelmed by tasks these apps can be of great use. These apps can make your work process very easy and help you to be on top of your tasks. Rescue Time, Focus Keeper, Remember The Milk, Toggl etc are some the apps you can consider based on your requirements.

6.Cut out Time wasters

How often do you check your emails or go through your social media like face Book or twitter or Instagram? Have you ever monitored the time you spend on these activities? Surprisingly activities like checking emails or browsing web or social media are biggest time wasters. Next time keep a check on these activities and have designated time to check your emails or browsing. This is one of the effective ways to focus on your productive work.

7.Set Deadlines

Plan your tasks a day before or night before and set deadlines for each task. Setting deadlines will help you to keep a tab on your tasks.  This is one of the simplest and very effective ways to complete your tasks on time and increase your productivity. If you don’t set deadlines for your tasks chances are that they will spill over to next day and will make you feel exhausted with never ending tasks.  

8.Be Focused

Have a single minded focus on just one task at a time. Research has shown that multi-tasking is not that productive. Multi-tasking will leave you exhausted and distracted from very important tasks. If you are working on a computer make sure to close all browsers or tabs or applications that are not relevant to your task on hand. Turnoff all your mobile notifications and keep your device on silent mode until you complete your tasks. 

9.Say “No”

Time is precious. Value you time. Know your priorities. If you don’t have clarity about your prerogatives, you will end up saying YES to all unnecessary work. Start saying “No” to work which are not relevant to your goals. Even when people insist or persist with irrelevant work or time wasters, stick to your guns; be firm and tenacious about protecting your time. Don’t get distracted.

10.Master Delegation

Superman is cool. But even Superman cannot do all things by himself. If you aim to be a super achiever, master delegation. You can be an expert in one area; some things can be done better by others. Focus on your expertise and delegate tasks to others who can do it in a better way. Off load unimportant tasks that don’t need your attention to your team or your employees. When you delegate some of your work, you make time for yourself to focus on very important tasks.

11.You don’t have to be a perfectionist.

It’s great to be a perfectionist, always. However being a perfectionist always, might slow down your productivity. Be judicious about details and unimportant things. Make an objective elevation about being perfect and getting things done. Some tasks might demand your attention to details and some might not. Practice an objective mind-set that will help to be perfect and at the same time be productive.

12.Take Small breaks.

Refresh yourself at regular intervals. Take small breaks from your work. Do small breathing exercises or go for a small walk or read your favourite book for 10-15 mins or stretch yourself. Taking small breaks will help you to rejuvenate taking away all the tiredness or boredom from your work.

Time is very precious. To enrich your life and empower others around you, value time. Time management can be overwhelming at the beginning, as you practice with awareness, you can master your life.


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