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10 qualities of a top salesperson

- By Shalini K, 13 November 2021 | 6 MIN READ


Sales are one of the top paying jobs, yet many sales people struggle to make it to the top. Success of a company depends on sales. In the increasing competitive marketplace, pressure on sales people is monumental. Unlike any other job sales does not have a prescribed format or process, this makes it an excited job as well as difficult task. It’s a skilled and personalised job.

In the below articles we have tried to list out 10 qualities of great sales people which can help you to inspire.

Success Trait #1 Ambition: The only recipe which drives sales without external motivation or push is your hunger for growth. Top sales people are quite ambitious for success. They relentlessly strive for advancement of their career. They do not wait for opportunities rather create new prospects. They constantly push for sales even in the face of adversary.

Success Trait #2 Audacity: It’s ironic that many sales people are afraid to make calls or meet people or do a presentation at the drop of a hat.A good sales person has the courage to make calls and engage with customers. They are always in pursuit of leads, ready to meet people, talk to them, and understand their desires or problems.

Success Trait #3 Commitment:
We come across people who commit verbally but not in action. Best sales people are unconditionally committed to their profession and goals. They take 100% responsibility of their actions. Top sales people do not take no for an answer. If something doesn’t work, they will find solutions to the problem or situation.  

Success Trait #4 Discipline: One of the most important traits of a successful sales person is focus. Reps that delivery great number quarter after quarter are laser focused. Best sales people are goal oriented, organised and work productively.  They are purpose driven to achieve their targets. Most successful sales professional have highly disciplined personal and professional habits.  

Success Trait #5 Good Listener: Many sales people are eager to close the deals and in the process they fail to understand customer’s problems or desires. Top sales people are customer oriented they want to know how they can help people with their products and services. They ask questions, pay attention to what prospects say, they listen patiently with the intent to solve customers’ problems.

Success Trait #6 Follow-up: Miracles rarely happen in sales. It’s unlikely to close a deal in the first call or meeting. Prospects take time to make decision. If it’s a big ticket product or service, customers take their own time to finalize the deals. There may be instances when deals close swiftly. However be prepared to follow up with clients who have shown interest in your product or services but are not sure yet. Following up diligently to answer all the concerns and doubts of customers will definitely yield a fortune.

Success Trait #7 Leverage relationships: Best sales men believe in team work and collaborations. They are framers who nurture relationships for a long haul. They maintain good personal relationships with all the team members in the company and customers. Sales are all about relationships and building trust. Successful people do not hesitate to take help of a colleague or a senior to close the deals. They also leverage their relationship with customers and seek referrals from them.

Success Trait #8 Trainings: In the ever changing world keeping oneself updated with latest technologies, strategies are pivotal for a successful sales career. Best sales people are constant learners.They do not wait for the company to train them or send them to certain trainings.They have complete knowledge about their product, services and use every opportunity to educate themselves.

Success Trait #9 Consistency: Among all the best qualities of top sales people consistency takes the cake. Professionals are consistent with their thoughts and actions. Making deals involves tremendous amount of research and meticulous execution. The probability of going wrong is high. Best sales people are consistent with their approach and methods of sales process.

Success Trait #10 Follow a plan/strategy: Spray and pray will not lead to sales. Neither top sales people believe in luck or chances. They are meticulous planners and strategists with specific goals. They are very clear about what they need and want to accomplish. In order to fulfil their ambitions or desires they adapt different strategies or combination of strategies. They are patient with long term vision.  


In the face of rejections and failures a sales person has to be an eternal optimist. The inevitable part of sales process is failure, how a sales person handles failure will determine his or the organizations success.

It may not be possible to acquire all sales techniques in a single day; however you can master them with patience and practice, starting right now.

Let us know what you think about these traits of top sales people in the comments below.


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