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10 Ways to Skyrocket Your Productivity

- By Shiva Chiluveru, 08 June 2021 | 10 MIN READ


The dynamics of current world situations have brought many changes in the ways we work. Some of us are able to be productive and some of us find it very difficult to accomplish things. Not being productive makes us feel very frustrated. Once you are off track the list of tasks keep piling up which would eventually drive you crazy.

This kind of situation is not very uncommon. With so many distractions around us it's quite easy to indulge in non productive activities like binge watching, getting lost in social media, mobile phones, video games etc. When trivial activities become a habit it gets very difficult to get out of them. When our routine is the same day in and day out the outcome cannot be any different.

When procrastination becomes a habit then you are hindering your own growth. It’s necessary to accept your situation and make efforts little by little to come out of your situation before things go worse. Being unproductive is not good for your career, family, it can ruin your life even before you realise. It's ok to take things a little easy once in a while to refresh your mind but making it a habit will cost your prosperity. Small breaks are ok as long as you are on track of your goals.

Let's discuss about 10 different ways you can be on the path of productivity without losing your mind

1. Have clear goals
Lack of clarity or clear goals can be a demotivator. Very often when you are not sure what to do or what has to be done or what's the purpose of the task, most likely you will lose interest in accomplishing that task. Get help from your manager or colleagues or your boss if you are working for someone. Talk to a business coach or a mentor or a business leader if you are self-employed or an entrepreneur but get your goals right. Know where you want to go or what you want to achieve. 

2. Plan, Plan and Plan
Nothing can beat planning and preparation.Failing to plan is equivalent to wasting your time. When you can break down your goals into smaller tasks it becomes easier for you to focus and get more things done. It will also help you to delegate tasks which are not that important. Identify your core strengths and important areas which you need to work on. Remaining tasks can be delegated to your team members making your work more efficient and productive. 

3. Schedule your routine
Do not mix up your productive time with your break or pleasure activities or activities of interest. If you like watching a movie or playing video games ensure that you don't do those during your work hours. Self discipline is crucial for productivity. Be strict on yourself and prepare a rigorous schedule prioritising your goals. If you are serious about self improvement, nothing can take precedence over your goals. Have a proper schedule for your workouts, movies, holidays etc.

4. Turn off technology (notifications)
Technology enabled communication devices are the number one distractions at the work place.Mobile devices, emails, web etc have captured our mind space and reduced our attention span drastically. It's very difficult to let go of these new addictions but using our willpower and practise we have to overcome these cravings. Turn off your mobile notifications and keep your phone on silent when you are working. Check your emails at a specified time. If these devices
are part of your work process, use them judiciously.   

5. Pomodoro Technique can be practical
This is one of the best methods out there to be in focus. It's no secret that our attention is spread all over and it's very difficult to remain in control of the task at hand without being distracted. Take the advantage of Pomodoro technique. It has been scientifically proven the effectiveness of this method. Take 5 mins of break after every 25 mins of work. The reason being that, it's very difficult for our brain to focus on a single task for a longer duration. You can set a timer on your phone or use any app to stay with single minded focus for that 25 mins on your work. 

6. Meditate - use the power of your mind
Benefits of meditation are countless like stress reduction, controlling anxiety, improving emotional intelligence and self awareness etc but one that's relevant to us is increase of attention span. Meditation is a process of training your mind to focus.It has been proven scientifically that meditating daily for 10-15 mins enhances your attention span drastically, not only that, it improves your memory in a significant way. Unlock your mind's potential by meditating daily and if possible twice a day.


7. Stay fit and healthy
Nothing can beat a healthy body and mind. If meditation is for the mind, work out or exercise is for the body. When you sweat it out the energy levels of your body go up leaving you with a positive mood. Daily work out will make you feel alive and keep your body active and agile. Burning that extra fat in your body will keep you away from falling sick. You will never run out of energy to complete your tasks. It also helps your brain to make better decisions. Don’t neglect your physical wellbeing. Make it a ritual to exercise every morning or evening 

8. Have positive attitude
Can you imagine a life without problems. It's inevitable to face one or the other kind of problems in our life journey. With this awareness if we have a positive attitude towards life we will look for solutions rather than cribbing about the problems. We can change our situations or conditions with a positive mindset. Our productivity goes up drastically when we start looking for solutions and innovations to solve our problems. With the ability to face challenges you can become a great leader inspiring others or your team members to accomplish great things. 

9. Organize : Workplace and home
The place we live in or work affects our work and productivity. If our workplace is very disorganized and cluttered, it becomes very difficult to work around and remain focused. Neatly organized or arranged home or workspace brings peace and calmness to our mind. Throw away or donate all unnecessary objects in your home or workspace. Become a minimalist, importantly at your work space. Keep things that are absolutely essential on your table. Neatly organize the space with a notebook or calendar which would remind you of your tasks at hand.  

10. Have fun
Only work will leave you stressed out, draining your energy. It's good to take small breaks and listen to music or take a walk or read a book or call your loved ones. It doesn't make sense just working without living your life or enjoying the simple pleasures of life.Spend time with your family on the weekends or cultivate a hobby or get involved in some social service.  There are many activities that one can do to enrich ourselves like learning to paint or drawing. Spend your leisure time on activities that give you joy and happiness. 

People with clear goals are always successful.If you reach or achieve what you want in life, it can be defined as success. Clear and achievable goals will always motivate you to work. Write down your goals and commit to yourself that you are going to achieve those goals.

Keeping a journal about your goals will help you to stay on track and will be a reminder for you to be active. As soon as you complete an important task or reach a goal, write it down. It will give you immense satisfaction and leave you feeling confident that you can achieve more. Reminding yourself regularly about your goals will help you to stay motivated and be productive.



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