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10 Daily Intentions & GET SET GO!

- By Dwaipayan, 05 August 2020 | 5 MIN READ


Establishing daily intentions is a powerful visualization exercise you can try. It is very easy to roll out of bed and wander through your day with no direction or drive. Day-to-day intentions render you to be laser-focused and help you to be positive and goal-oriented.

In What Way do Daily Intentions Work?

Have you come across the term reticular activation system (RAS)? Well, a daily intention that sets your reticular activation system (RAS) to work. Your RAS is a filter for information. Your brain is overwhelmed with information on a day to day basis, and misses out on all those colors, noises, and facts, so it filters them based on your belief system.
Likewise, once you set your focus to specific intentions, your brain will filter and hand you information relevant to your goal.
It is unbelievably a strong tool to modify from negative thinking to positive. Your brain is usually searching and filtering, the proper filter will work for you best.

How can you enhance the Power of Your Intention?

Try and Focus
Focus on your intention and deeply resonate with you so you can feel its power. It should motivate you in such a way, that every morning you jump out of bed and into your day.

Fear no more
Exhale off all your fears! Your fears and doubts hold you back. Free yourself, be courageous.

Be Accountable & create more focus
Develop a way to remain accountable. To create more focus, cut down on your negative thoughts solely focus on your goals, whatever they may be.

Now, get started on your journey, remember to reflect on your goals

1. I am not afraid to try difficult things
Make up your mind to do difficult things to cope with unexpected roadblocks in your day. It will help you to raise yourself towards unforeseen situations.

2. I am going to give my best today to achieve my goals
Giving your best effort each day to achieve your goals is important, and sometimes you need to focus on the fact that you aren’t going to give half your best today. You are going to go in with 100% and do everything to the best of your ability.

3. Accept your flaws graciously
Instead of being devoted to self-shaming, it’s ok to make mistakes and not be perfect. By setting the intention that you are beautiful help remove the anxiety that comes with daily living. Just focus on reaching your goals.

4. Have some fun today
All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. You need to have some fun. Having fun is a part of everyday life, and then when it comes to working time, you will be more driven and focused.

5. Embracing positivity in negative situations
A powerful mindset can complement life even in tough times. By focusing on the positive and the lesson in adversity, you can best handle situations.

6. Be forgiving
Forgiving nature brings peace and prosperity. Ignore situations that have happened, you no longer have control what's gone. Forgive people for yourself and your growth.

7. Spend time on the relationship, the money will flow!
Money is good and having a good relationship with it is key to having a more driven and productive life. Instead of a state of lack and fear, choose abundance and love. You will find it easier for money to flow to you when you want it to.

8. Intend to bring abundance into my life
Once you’re set for a positive frame of mind, you are always focussing on bringing better into your life. By setting an intention to bring abundance into your life, your RAS is looking for reasons to prove you have an abundant life.

9. Face challenges today with a calm mind and conviction
Having a positive frame of mind towards adversity will help you achieve your goals. Success is filled with challenges and obstacles, stay calm and composed, success will follow.

10. Do your best and set examples
Inspire people and they will join your journey. By setting the best examples, you teach other people how to live a happy and more successful life. Decide who you want to be and show up like that every day.



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